How to Over Deliver on Value

By Alex

August 7, 2021

It's something we hear ALL THE TIME in the online space "Under Promise and Over Deliver" - but what does that actually mean when we get to the bones of the matter?

Well, most of the time it's just a well-rehearsed trope which doesn't go anywhere - because people are just following a coach or 'rules' which tell you WHAT - but not HOW.

In fact, that's endemic throughout the online industry - everyone's focusing on telling you WHAT you should do... but never actually tells you HOW you should do it - and more importantly WHY you should do it.

Post a fuck-ton on Facebook or Instagram? WHY? Seriously. Why? It's no good just giving someone 50 Canva templates and then telling them that that's their Social Media strategy licked. You ALWAYS need to dive in to the psychology so that your clients can 'prepare their tools' and understand WHY they're doing what they're doing.

STRATEGY without understanding what the fuck you're doing and WHY - is not strategy... it's just busy, busy, pointless work!

Now I firmly believe that you can't just leap in to teaching your knowledge with a scattergun approach and that you DO need to provide a framework or strategy - INTERSPERSED with "this is HOW I did it... and this is WHY I did it this way". 

Without actually detailing the WHY I DID IT THIS WAY - you're still leaving a bunch of blanks and you're at risk of having people blindly follow what you're saying - without actually ever slowing down, stopping and asking themselves "hang on... does this work for ME? Or, can I take wee bits of it and make it work for me? Or, How about I put my OWN spin on this?".

And that's where the breakthroughs and transformations of your clients REALLY start to happen.

Because it's not enough to simply say "eat less, move more" - or equivalent. You need to provide a FRAMEWORK or STRATEGY or FORMULA - but you need your audience to understand WHY it's done this way by showing them exactly HOW it works in a real-life scenario.

Because if you leave your clients with the aforementioned "eat less, move more" they may well be buying in to your PERSONALITY MARKETING (you're always selling YOU - not your program!) - at some point the rose-tinted glasses will slip and they'll be thinking "I fucking KNOW that... but HOW do I do that? Help me out for God's sake - SHOW ME THE WAY!".

And... this is where we get to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Those repeating by rote who don't really understand the topic they're selling and trying to teach - and those who LIVE it - those who DO it - those who've FAILED and FUCKED UP and found the hard way what REALLY works

And if that sounds like you? Then you know that you've got the KNOWLEDGE to truly get out there and actually OVER DELIVER because you're going to be able to not only give a STRATEGY - but also an understanding of WHY it's going to work - and warnings of any PITFALLS or fuck-ups likely to be encountered along the way!

At the same time - if you try demand your students do EXACTLY AS I SAY (!) - then that's going to lead to dissatisfaction too - for both you and your clients. Your clients are going to discover we're NOT all the same - there are subtle nuances for everything - and our own personal quirks need to be embraced before we can make that TRANSFORMATION. If you don't get them to understand WHY - then they're going to feel like personal failures... and they'll withdraw and back off. 

You'll feel dissatisfied because you'll be looking at your clients thinking "WHY AREN'T YOU JUST DOING THE FUCKING THING?".

Yeh... that way madness lies.

To TRULY TRANSFORM the lives of your clients you need to embrace the ethos of "THERE'S MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SKIN A CAT"! 

To consistently OVER DELIVER you need to know not only what's worked for you - but know OTHER METHODS which will ALSO work - and help your clients embrace the STRATEGY best suited to them - and give them the CONFIDENCE and SELF-BELIEF to do it their way... with your guidance and support.

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