Hitting the Nuclear Button on Your Industry

By Alex

January 25, 2022

When I've previously talked of "creatives", some will have thought I mean artists, designers, milliners or other producers of tangible products or "the arts", but actually... within the entrepreneurial world - it means people who shake shit up, have a mind brimming full of ideas and are ready to unleash them upon the world.

If you've been in the online industry more than 2 years, you'll be more than aware of the BORING STEPFORD BITCHES of Online Business - y'know, the ones doing everything the fucking same - from the same looking websites, same looking fucking boring IG feeds, same template sales emails, same fucking empty optins, same programs, same price-points, I could go on - but you know EXACTLY what I mean.

And... the reason you're NOT getting traction within this industry doing those SAME things, is because you know it's total and utter BS - and that you are worth SO much more.

It's time to hit the NUCLEAR BUTTON and shake the shit out of the industry.

When you hit that button, that's when you're going to take GIANT LEAPS with your business, stop caring whatever the fuck it is "everyone else" is doing and sell the shit outta your stuff because you actually BELIEVE in it - because it's YOURS and not just following a blueprint.

STOP doing what every other boring fucker out there is doing.

STOP CARING what every other boring fucker out there is doing.

Who the fuck says you HAVE to sell a 12-week 1:1 coaching zzzzzzz program? 

Who the fuck SAYS you need to offer a blank optin

Who the fuck SAYS you need a glittering IG account?

Who the fuck SAYS you need to offer 1:1, then a group 3/6/12 month program, then a mastermind, then, then.

You do what the FUCK you want, WHEN you want, CHARGE what you want.

Your CREATIVE POWER comes from doing things your way and the way which makes you feel 100% comfortable and aligned with the way you are, the way you feel and the strategies which sit right with you.

Everything needs to be filtered through YOUR lens. 

I wear glasses (couldn't do contact lenses... I struggle enough putting on mascara!) - and I have a different prescription for each eye.

Now at a push, I could buy some cheap glasses from Amazon for a dollar a pair for an emergency. But they're never going to be right because they've got the SAME prescription for each eye.

My eyes aren't the same. That's not gonna work. I mean I'll see better with "skewiff" lenses than with none, but it's NOT GOOD ENOUGH for ME

Running your business is as personal as your prescription lens. You can't buy glasses "off the shelf" with the perfect lens for both eyes - so why are you running your business by formula? #femaleentrepreneur #onlinecoach #smallbiztip 

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My lens needs to be different. I see through my lens, nobody else's - and certainly not through an "off-the-shelf" prescription or formula.

So why are you running your business to an "off-the-shelf" formula or prescription? Your business is JUST as important as being able to see the bloody cars coming at ya when you're driving! πŸ˜‰

Being creative with your work, the offers you produce and the way you deliver it means you're ALWAYS going to stand apart from the crowd... and, if you've been flinging the same ol' shit at the wall for the last 2 years - isn't it time you took a deep breath and trusted in your own instincts?

By this point you don't need help with basic tech, funnels, pitches or autoresponders - what you do need to do, is step the fuck up and take what's yours. YOUR way!

If you've been waiting for permission... HERE YOU ARE! Take it - it's time to do it YOUR way and unleash the creative genius inside of you!

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