Ethical Pricing for Online Coaching Programs

By Alex

October 18, 2021

I'm sorry. 😭 I got it wrong about pricing.

I did what I thought I "had" to do - because "everyone else" was doing it - and even though it never sat right with me - I did it anyway.

Today I'm updating ALL MY PROGRAMS with split-payments to be ETHICALLY PRICED.


The usual story we're told is that if we're going to offer split-payments for one of our coaching programs that we need to add a 15-25% cost to cover risk/extra admin/whatever.

But I've been there.

The other side of the fence I mean.

That side of the fence where I couldn't afford the $2000 up front, but I COULD afford it over a period of months... and paying a $500 penalty for being poor!

And I don't want to be that woman - I ain't no fuckin' loan shark! 🦈

So that stops right now.


Anyone who buys from me will NOT be 'penalised' for not having the cash ready to go and waiting. The price is the price is the price. Instead of a "pay in one $997 or 8 payments of $147", the split-payment is going to be $997/8!

To mitigate risk, it's perfectly possible to stagger payments so that you're still "front-loaded" before your course begins, but you're not taking advantage of those already struggling. 

*"Front-loading" payments means that the payments given to you are AHEAD of the program - e.g., you've received 2 weeks worth of payments, but have only delivered 1 week of the course in its most simple form.

And you can dress it up any way you like - it's still taking advantage. 

Will I have extra admin? I don't know... we'll see - but I will cover that WITHOUT taking financial advantage of those who can afford it LEAST!

I can look at myself in the mirror and KNOW I'm doing right by other women by making this change - what about you?

Right, I'm off to update all my payment systems to reflect this welcome and PROGRESSIVE, FAIR change. πŸ‘

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  • That is a very ethical way of operating and offering a service, with the client in mind. Good on you for being making room for people to still thrive after purchasing a product from you.

    • Thank you Brave, that is wonderful to hear!

      I understand there might be “extra admin” involved, but in all my time of being skint – I never DELIBERATELY avoided a payment – if it bounced, it was because there was no money in the account – not because I was being a “shady shit”! πŸ˜‚

      Anyway, we suck up banking, processing and currency conversion fees as simply the cost of doing business – why not this?

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