Do You Need Testimonials to Sell Your Online Course?

By Alex

August 24, 2021

People ALWAYS want to know - "Do I need testimonials to sell my Online Course?" - and here's my answer - in brief: 



OK, it's only fair we dive a little deeper in to this.

Most people will say you need a shit-ton of testimonials to sell virtually ANYTHING online - and this can leave you with ANALYSIS PARALYSIS rather than just getting the fuck on with things and LAUNCHING.

Thing is - if you TRULY believe your course is DA BOMB - then why on EARTH are you holding back?

If you know this is the BEST VERSION of your stuff - and you've CREATED it FROM the heart and you're SELLING it from the heart - what more is there to say?

Are you waiting for permission to launch? Is that what you're saying? You won't be ready until someone else says "OK, do it!"? 

Because you are the LIVING EMBODIMENT of what you are putting out there - your audience SEE you. They FEEL you. They ADMIRE you - and they want a slice of you... but not in a creepy Hannibal Lector way right? 😂


Having 100 testimonials is great - BUT - you need to TRUST YOURSELF and really FEEL that you are RIGHT and what you are doing is RIGHT.

You don't NEED 'validation' from 100 other people to tell you that you're on the right path.

Your path is your path.

Some people feel icky asking for testimonials and unless you send over what I'd call a 'semi-script' then you're likely to get a half-arsed written response anyway which is full of praise - but doesn't quite make sense out of context and so doesn't make for a great testimonial.

It's FAR BETTER to do it YOUR way - OWN IT and LIVE IT!

Testimonials CAN be a useful part of your marketing armoury - but NOTHING is as important as YOU having FAITH in YOUR CHOICES and DECISIONS!

So fuck yeh... go gather your testimonials if that's what you need. 20 strangers to say "yeh babe yeh" - or you can just get over feeling you need the approval of others - and put your own shit out there knowing that it's YOU - oh yeh... and you don't accept criticism of YOU!


ROCK-SOLID SALES MACHINE and Put on Your Big Girl Pants!

If your niche and marketing message  aren't super-clear and hitting that sweet spot, then you'll be hearing crickets - not cash-registers

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