Digital Product Ideas for Your Online Business

By Alex

September 22, 2021

One of the best - because it's FAST and EASY (!) to get your ideas out there, make that first dollar and make the startings of a passive income is by creating a Digital Product for your Online Business.

Trouble is... you're probably struggling with a blank mind... or have talked yourself out of half a dozen GREAT ideas already because you're sabotaging yourself and/or comparing yourself to others. [insert stern talking to here!]

And the thing is - you're on this path of online female entrepreneurship BECAUSE you know you've got a whole heap of knowledge and value to give out to the world... but now you're fumbling around talking yourself out of being worthy.

Well - you can stop that shit right now.

Here are a few ideas to get your brain thinking - you can adapt them to your business - but more importantly - WHAT YOU WANT TO CREATE - and how you want to put it out there in the world.

You hate shooting videos? Fine, maybe audio is best for you. Love writing? Great - write. You have to do it YOUR way and nobody else's if you're going to get fully behind this idea and be able to market it and sell it with INTEGRITY and without double-guessing yourself!

Let's go!:

  • Email series of lessons
  • PDF workbooks/sheets
  • Audio lessons
  • Video series
  • Templates (e.g., someone can copy your Canva/Trello/ClickUp designs/workflows)
  • Exercise plan
  • Food/menu plan
  • Checklists
  • Resource lists
  • Guides/White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Evergreen webinars
  • DFY graphics/audios/spreadsheets
  • A Challenge (Bulletproof Challenge Formula)

You could of course go a step further and create entire mini-courses or set up a membership site, however - the ideas I've listed above are more "light-touch" and don't require you to tackle masses of new and unfamiliar software.

The name of the game is SET IT AND FORGET IT - and that's the purpose of creating this micro digital product. You can create it, upsell it to your new subscribers and it will provide a passive income for you and you will have something to sell from Day 1 without needing to create something massively complex. 

Your digital product should be fairly cheap for you to create and you should be able to design and create it pulling on your knowledge rather than having to dive deep into a whole bunch of research to find the right materials - again - that's just procrastination because you DO know what you're doing and doing more research is just you putting barriers in front of yourself!

Grab a pen and paper and set your timer for 2 minutes and jot down TEN IDEAS of things you could sell right NOW!

Leave a Comment... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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