5 Day Challenge – Landing Page Essentials

By Alex

July 13, 2021

The first most significant milestone you need to create when you're planning on running a 5 DAY CHALLENGE is the LANDING PAGE which people are going to sign up to.

At this point many people tend to panic. They start going in to waaaaaaaay too much detail, confusing the crap out of potential attendees with realms and realms of text about what's going to happen, promises of delivery - and let's not forget - the desperate willy-waving of credentials!

It really doesn't need to be so complicated - this is a CHALLENGE (usually free) - you're not asking for their creditcard details or first born.

When you're writing a SALES PAGE for actually selling a COURSE - then yes, you need to go in to more detail and cover more ground.

You need to go all in for the benefits, describe the features, overcome objections and display that you really are the BESTEST BEST person to be running that course - alongside a robust refund policy and testimonials.

But for a challenge? Gah... if they really need convincing THAT much to attend a FREE challenge - then they are absolutely NOT your IDEAL CLIENT - and they are very unlikely to actually buy your UPSELL.

Providing you've given your challenge a MEANINGFUL name* (ideally just 3 words) with a STRAPLINE (tagline) which is NOT open to interpretation or wishy-washy vague - there shouldn't really be much more to say - except a brief, and I really DO mean brief (2-3 sentences max) to explain the transformation!

*Don't use the word CHALLENGE for your challenge (ha!) unless it really makes sense. Nobody wants to be 'challenged' - they want to be TRANSFORMED!


  1. 'Look/feel' of the landing page should mirror any paid advertising you're doing*
  2. Headline
  3. Strapline
  4. 2-3 sentences to explain the transformation
  5. Optin box asking for Name + Email 

*It can be jarring for your clients if they see a paid ad which is e.g., "blue and health" only to click and arrive at your landing page and find "pink and pregnancy". Keep it aligned - Facebook will penalise your ads if the ad and the landing page aren't "mirrored".

REMEMBER: The aim of the game is to grab their details as a lead - and THEN, through the course of your newsletters and auto-responders you can teach them about who YOU really are, get them excited about attending your challenge - and then blow their fucking socks off when you run it! πŸ‘


fill your course!

The SECRET SAUCE to running a FIVE DAY CHALLENGE primed for SALES - even if you've got a TINY LIST!

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