2022 and the Rise of the Introvert – the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

By Alex

November 30, 2021

For the last 5-10 years content creation for online businesses has lent itself to "video content". 

I'm far from a fan - either as a creator or a consumer.

As a creator I get all flustered, go cross-eyed staring at the camera, stumble over my words, repeat myself, er, and, um, yeh.

As a consumer - ohmyfuckingG-dwillyoujustgrow up - and get to the damned point natch!

Thankfully as the entire fucking world has taken a step back from the Social Media seemingly-unstoppable bandwagon and decided "nah, fuck that" - it's time for the introverts to step up and claim what's theirs - because we weren't designed to be gurning in front of a camera!

Blogging is Back for 2022!

Mass-produced video content is generally of a poor quality - because, it takes time and effort to plan out a script which genuinely delivers value. I mean almost anyone can stand in front of the lens and talk shite hen for 5 minutes - even me - under duress. 😉

But the trouble is - the overwhelming majority of those videos - especially live videos - are utter dross and garbage. How is it even POSSIBLE to talk for an hour and say barely anything?

I once knew a woman who told me her monthly phone plan with 1000 minutes wasn't nearly enough... I did the sums in my head and figured that would probably have lasted me a lifetime, never mind a few weeks! 🥃

Blogging however - well, even if you're not Dostoyevsky and you're not dropping earth-shattering need-to-know-this-right-now bombs on a daily basis - the very fact that you're DOING it puts you ahead of 95% of the other online creators out there who AREN'T doing it.

And because they're NOT doing it - they're not creating this self-hosted, self-owned, evergreen, SEO-friendly gravitas for their own business.

They're not getting their message out there to a wider audience who's choosing to be more discerning with their time and just dip in to SM as and when they want something specific.

People no longer want to be glued to their phones. Their chiropractor bills as testament to a life lived with a crooked neck...

SM is dying the way that we know it - and for online creators, it's going to be "pay per play" to access an audience or deliver a message.

Blogging however is 100% under your control. You don't need to be the "loudest person in the room", the all-singin', all-dancin' jovial spirit - just you, your cat, your coffee and your keyboard - and that's why blogging is PERFECT for introverts - and those who don't live for the sound of their own voice!

There are no limits to getting your message out with blogging. You can write once a week or 3 times a day - and, if you're an introvert then it won't suck your mental energy away like Social Media or video would - and, keeping your energy levels consistent means that you'll be able to work at a "higher level" because you're working WITH your strengths and not against them. 

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    • Yes, yes, yes! I really like the way you’ve said that – “communicate on your terms” and getting the words right.

      Video is hideous – I’m so glad I got to grow up in an era pre-video!

  • As a fellow introvert, I LOVE this! You tell it like it is. Great job! Blogger introverts….it’s OUR time!!

    • 😘 Our time indeed! To hell with a garbled message on video – I don’t even need to do my hair to write a blog – just need my coffee. Oh so much coffee!

  • Oh thank you… my introverted soul loves this… and regards to videos *shudder*. I like to see a good view video buttt…. Not much more…

  • I love the explanation of why blogging is great for introverts, I hadn’t considered that before since I am an extravert blogger. My daughter is introverted and loves to write on Wattpad, so it does actually make sense that writing would be a better format for introverted people. You get to be on your own time. Fascinating look into how this profession fits your personality type. Thank you for sharing.

    • I have to investigate Wattpad now, thank you for the tip!

      What do you think the advantages of being an extrovert are when it comes to blogging? Is there anything particularly significant do you think?

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