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Done For You Installation

Cloud Hosting. WordPress. SSL certificate. CDN. 

Gold Standard Design

Divi Layouts & VIP Plugins.

24/7/365 Care

Daily Backups. Security Monitoring. Theme & Plugin Updates. Weekly Reports.

Personal Tech Call

Pick My Brains Live.

All the nerd stuff – none of the drama

I get it.


You want an all singin’, all dancin’ website and your website is an integral part of your online business.


Trouble is, you just don’t know where to start and if you’re completely honest, you’ve got better things to do than learn all that techy stuff!


I get that too. The bathroom is an integral part of my house. But if something goes wrong believe me I’m not going to be whipping out plumbing books, buying kit, sticking my elbow around the u-bend or teaching myself from Google!


That’s why an out-of-the-box website works for you. You don’t need to fiddle with tech because I take care of all that for you (for 12 months!) and if you can write an email – well you sure as heck can fill in the text gaps on your new site!


I give you the gold-standard of current industry capabilities and provide a website which grows with you and your business.


And what’s more? It’s all yours – in just ONE DAY!

What Is A Bulletproof Website?

What do you mean by "funnel-ready"?

Funnel-ready means it’s all fixed to connect to your email responder (e.g., Mailchimp/Mailerlite/ConvertKit/GetResponse, etc.) so that you can collect people’s email addresses from your site and send them down your email funnel.

Tech done for you

I take care of all that tech stuff so that you can just get on with the fun stuff. The design, the copy and wowing your visitors.

Why do I need to do some design stuff?

The expensive bit with commissioning a website is the endless “can you fix this colour?”, “can you make this bit italic?”

Tech’s my thing – your business is yours.

Is it still my site?

Hell yes! You own the whole kit and kaboodle. You’ve just parked your wagon on my lawn!


How Do I know If A Bulletproof Website is Right For Me?

Listen up buttercup.


You’re a Badass and you’re here because you want a website for your online business that’s ready to go.


You want it SEO-ready (that’s the stuff Google loves!).


You want it funnel-ready (that’s collecting people’s email addresses).


You want it ready to take payments (not gonna explain that one!).


You’re 100% capable of choosing your own font/colour scheme/logo/photos and you can type.




What you don’t want is to spend 3 nights in front of your screen gently sobbing into your wine because it’s making as much sense as a light discussion on quantum physics at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland with all eyes on you!


You don’t want to be fiddling with hosts, installing stuff to the right directories, worrying about licenses, creating email addresses and putting all the pieces together.


If you’d wanted to learn tech then you’d have done that waaaaay before now.


Luckily this Badass has got your Badass covered!

WTF is a Core or a Theme or a Plugin?

Think of your website as being your house.

Your Core is your foundations.

In this case the WordPress framework is your foundation.

Your Theme is your rooms.

In this case your Theme is Divi and this is going to allow your different rooms – e.g., Home page, About Me page, Sales page, Blog page etc.

*Your installation includes your Divi license for 12 months.

Your Plugins are your appliances.

Sure you can wash dishes by hand and you can throw your laundry in the bath and walk around on it until you’ve got calluses on your feet… but wouldn’t it be easier to just have some machines to do the heavy work for you? Those are your plugins – they just make everything a little bit easier.

OK, but what's Cloud Hosting or a CDN?

Cloud Hosting.

Cheap shared hosting hasn’t kept up with the demands modern websites put on them. This means they get slower, and slower… and S-L-O-W-E-R as you’re sharing machine resources with dozens of others.

Google hates slow websites.

Cloud hosting is MEGA-fast… but it’s a bit more complicated to set up, that’s why I’m here. 


A CDN (Content Delivery Network) means that copies of your website are stored on servers globally so that local users get served by a local copy.

This makes your site even FASTER!

Gotta love that! 

Can I sell stuff through my Bulletproof website?

Sure can! 

Your site will be delivered with the WooCommerce plugin. You can integrate this with Paypal and/or Stripe and start taking payments immediately through your site. 

You can sell products or services – and if you want to – you can get another plugin to allow you to sell digital downloads which are then delivered direct to your customer… tra la la “Passive Income”!

What maintenance will you do?

I’m going to have your website monitored 24/7 for security and uptime purposes. 

I’ll also be making daily backups so if there’s a fuck up – let me know and I can restore it to your last “good” version. It happens. Everyone fucks up – and as a Badass you’ll have done that a million times – come through the other side and laugh about it! 

I’m also going to be taking care of all the updates on your WordPress core, your Divi Theme updates and all the major plugins installed. 

That means you never have to worry about checking in to do any of this tech stuff – and instead you can just crack on with doing your business stuff! 

If that wasn’t enough… I’ll also send you a report once a week to tell you what’s been going on behind the scenes with your site.

Tell me about the Personal Tech Call

Because my promise to you is that you’ll be live in ONE DAY – we schedule our call for the same day so that I can do the handover to you give you a tour.

You can also use this time to pick my brains about any techy niggles you might be having. 

Will it work with Social Media?

Hell yeh! Just tap in your Social Media profiles and they’re good to go!

What about SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) = how much Google loves your site!

Your site will come with an SEO plugin which will allow it to talk to Google and help your rankings.

What happens at the end of the 12 months?

You can either renew with me for the maintenance package – or you can move your entire site to your new hosting and license and maintain it yourself.

No strings attached! 

And if you want to leave at any time, I’ll help you move your site away from my servers to your new ones. 

What happens after I pay?

You’ll be directed to my calendar so that you can CHOOSE THE DAY YOU WANT YOUR WEBSITE – and book your Handover Talk with me.

There will be some questions about your domain name and where it’s currently registered so that I can point it to my servers for the installation.

You’ll get to choose the design of your site from a list of options and then just sit tight… you’re ONLINE!

I ask you to buy your own domain name because that’s a major and highly significant piece of property for an online business. If you were going to open a shop in your town – would you sign over the shop to me? Your online business is the same – you need to own that domain name so that you always control the web presence.

My Approach

I give you all the tools you need to power your own conversion-optimised website.

I believe that there’s nobody better to style or create copy for your business than you – because nobody understands it better than you – and, when you’re just starting out investing in a copywriter or a professional designer is a huge expense – especially when experience has shown me over and over – that the overwhelming majority of new businesses will take a fairly significant pivot within the first 6-12 months which might mean a total re-design and re-write.

I’m a firm believer in introducing women to Tech and showing them that they can do it – with just a little help so that they can take complete control of their website.


How It Works

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Bulletproof Website

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