Blogging for Influence – What Does it Mean?

By Alex

December 17, 2021

As an online coach or course provider - your aim is to "spread knowledge" and be seen as a "force for good" - AKA an INDUSTRY INFLUENCER!

But how do you become an influencer and stand out from the crowd? How do you elevate yourself into that position of authority and stand out as a THOUGHT LEADER and become the industry "go to".

Well - it's kinda more simple that it seems.

First... you do the OPPOSITE of what all the other lemmings are doing

Step the fuck away from Social Media.

Gatherers use Social Media - influencers use content creation and inbound marketing to bring buyers TO them.


And the easiest way to do this is.... by blogging!

Dominance within your niche/industry comes about by hard work and being different. Demonstrating your differences through blogging wields far more power than "demonstrating your difference with fonts".

Blogging IS hard work. It's not 2 minutes in Canva and then schedule it on a loop - and I guess that's why not many women entrepreneurs actually step up and do it... and because women tend to seek approval from other women - they're gonna keep on doing the same ol' shit "everyone else is doing"... even when it's not working!

It does mean being vulnerable - because if you're to truly connect with your audience and TRULY put your thoughts out there because you ARE credible... then you open yourself up to criticism... but when you decide to become an INDUSTRY LEADER then you need to make the choice to BE that person... and others aren't going to like it. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ


Only 5% of online businesses use blogging as a marketing tool - and that percentage goes even lower when we look at creators, online coaches and course providers in the online space.

Why? Well, I'm guessing it's three-fold: 

1. "everyone else" is spraying and praying on Social Media

2. They're doubting themselves

3. They're waiting for "permission" from ... well, who the fuck knows really?

But by creating a blog and blogging regularly - and I'm going to say you should be aiming for an absolute MINIMUM of 3 times a week (!) you are visible.

You're visible to BUYERS, customers who do their due diligence... and anyone else who uses Google - and yeh... who doesn't? 

Your blog works for you even when you're asleep. Your website is ALWAYS on... it doesn't take a week or two off for for holidays, it doesn't care if you'd rather spend the afternoon at he beach with the dog throwing balls into the surf and you don't need to be "on"... it just keeps on working and you keep on being VISIBLE!


Blogging allows you to truly demonstrate your expertise, knowledge and experience and builds trust with your audience because they're immediately able to see you're a legitimate business and you yourself are a legitimate leader!

By writing down your thoughts and beliefs, you allow your audience to "get in to your head" and discover what working with you would really be like.

You get credibility because you are 1 of that 1-2% in your industry who are DOING it - this already sets you apart and makes you look CREDIBLE, heavy-weight and a serious contender... not just a "Social Media bit-player".

Real businesses use inbound marketing as the pillar of their digital marketing strategy... they are NOT begging for likes on Social Media.


Now we're cooking with gas! 😁

Blogging allows you to bring new concepts to the world. Whilst you might not be the first to approach a problem with a specific strategy (hey! none of us are re-inventing the wheel here) - by bringing it to your website in the form of a blog you are demonstrating that you have the AUTHORITY to say this.

You work like this. Your thoughts, strategies, methodologies and problem-solving abilities come to the forefront and are demonstrated - ergo you BECOME a "believed" authority within your niche because YOU are the one putting forward these ideas. You are the one who is "brave" enough to discuss this and you are the one who is actually fucking DOING it and not just posting another fucking "Monday Motivation" picture on Social Media.


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    • hi! Well my biggest tip would be to KEEP GOING! Most people give up before they get traction because of course we’d all like instant results… but it pays dividends if you keep going. πŸ₯ƒ

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