I’m Alex, a Scottish Bulletproof Badass!

hi! My name’s Alex Sheach and I arm dauntless women with bulletproof, no-BS  skills and strategies to build an online business the badass way.

I’m a single mom and between looking after my boys and self-care for me – I don’t have time to gather more information, noise pollution, hustle and waste time doing shit which doesn’t work.

I work from lists and I tick stuff off as I go along. This keeps me on track even when I’m being asked for the 38th time since 7:38am if there’s anything to eat… 

I create strategies for female online business owners and entrepreneurs who need to move their business forward and just need the damned steps listed so they can complete them.

I come from a techy Software Engineering background and spent 15 years in international technical project management before starting my online business. I’m a bloody wizard with a list and I love fancy notebooks! 



My Philosophy


Be Dauntless

Don’t let others piss on your parade. You’ve got this!


Be a Thought Leader

You can GTF on with it – or you can wait for someone else to give you permission.


Take Incremental Steps

You can fill a bucket from a dripping tap. Just one drip at a time and you’ll get there.

Bitesize Strategy Propels Your Business

If you’re a busy mom like me then you don’t get 8 hours a day uninterrupted thought and processing time.


Get Actionable Steps


Save Time


Ditch Tired "worked 10 years ago" Strategies