Hi, I'm Alex,

and I work with female creators, online coaches, course & service providers to breathe life into their COPYWRITING... 

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Female Creators, Online Coaches & Service Providers

I'm here for the women who've been in the online space more than a year, taken a few courses, fallen down some rabbit holes, been seduced by shiny-object-syndrome and still aren't getting the results they want or finding their true brand story.

They know they've got the ability, talent and expertise - but have yet to truly discover their brand voice and unleash this into a written content strategy, emails that excite subscribers and sales pages which convert and brings them the level of success with their business they expect.

They are turned off by sleazy "bro-marketing" & sales pitches and want to wow their customers with copy which speaks directly to them, not AT them!

They've got high expectations and are discerning with their time and energy

... and are ready to TURN THIS SHIP AROUND!


You're strong, powerful & brave - not tacky and you want your copy to excite and motivate your audience, not guilt them!


You don't like being told what to do. You're tired of the ick and ready to embrace your story. Your way.


You're not afraid to do or say what others won't and you know that being unique is the key element to your success.


You won't apologise for making the correct decisions even though you know not everyone will agree with you - and you're OK with that!


You've never really relinquished control and your varied past is testament to who you are and what you stand for today!


You're a leader - not a follower! Never were. Never will be.

Your voice is your own and your message your truth.

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About Me.

I’m Alex and I’m on a mission to help the women who are tired of other people’s shit.


The women who danced on bars and booked one-way flights.


The women whose lives were shaped by chance encounters and adventures.


The women whose lights have never been dimmed.

I work with ambitious, witty, no-nonsense women who are tired of living by the fucking rules and are sick to the back teeth of vague and ambiguous advice.

I’m blessed with an expert eye for a profitable niche and with 15 years in international technical project management and 8 years entrepreneurial experience I’m perfectly positioned to help and support you market that online business with copy designed to convert, not confuse.